What's your fantasy?  

I decided to create this section to give you some idea of the various extra services I enjoy that may also appeal to you.  If there's anything in particular that you enjoy or would like to try that I haven't listed here please feel free to contact me to see if it's something I would be happy to share with you.  I'm very open-minded and discreet so there's no need for you to worry about revealing your particular fantasy to me.  If you would like to arrange one of these meetings please let me know when you call and allow me a little extra preparation time if you're calling at short notice. 


Being the more mature woman I know that a lot of you younger guys out there love the idea of being seduced by an older woman.  Maybe you've always fancied that sexy woman next door, the older woman at the office, your mum's friend, or maybe your mate's mum!  All pretty much out of reach in reality.  Well here's your opportunity to fulfill that fantasy and make it a reality!

(Over 20s only please - I'm afraid I won't allow our meeting to go ahead if you appear under age when we meet).


Now I know quite a few of you gentlemen enjoy a little role play.  Your sexy secretary seduces you or responds to your advances (at last!).  Your aunt catches you in her pantie drawer and decides to teach you a lesson!  The strict school mistress punishes you for being a bad boy!  You're a little baby boy who just wants his mummy and his bottle.

Maybe you have some ideas of your own.  If so, just let me know and we can see if it's something I can enjoy with you.  Nothing too complicated though please or a scenario which would require the use of a script! 

(Could you please let me know that you are wanting to arrange a role play meeting when you call rather than asking for a role play scenario when you arrive.  It's very difficult to "get into character" at such short notice!).

(Please note there is a small additional fee for this service).


I love to see you guys getting turned on by dressing in women's clothes.  Whether it's just the feel of women's lingerie that turns you on or whether you enjoy the full cross dressing experience, I'm more than happy to experience it with you.  I can provide stockings, suspender belts and panties if that's what you're happy with but please provide your own selection of clothes if you want to dress up fully.


Although I'm not a dominatrix, I enjoy giving a little tie & tease and can provide a mild domination experience.  If this is something you enjoy or fancy trying out just let me know what you would like - nothing too strict though, I neither enjoy nor am capable of inflicting severe pain or humiliation!

(Please note there is a small additional fee for this service). 


You've probably already looked at my foot lovers gallery and I just love having my feet worshipped!  Let me know how you would like to see my feet - bare or covered in silky stockings.   My feet are ready and waiting for your special attention!

 - oOo -

I'm more than happy to provide a combination of the above - just let me know what you would like when you call.


Sorry, but I don't ..........

Meet couples (either male/female or male/male)

Meet in a public area (ie., car park, bar, etc)

Participate in swinging parties or similar

Allow myself to be restrained in any way whatsoever

Offer a school girl fantasy (I'm not comfortable with this and I would look ridiculous dressed as a school girl at my age!)

Offer a role play rape fantasy

Offer any anal services (giving or receiving)

Offer myself in an excessively submissive or subservient role

Allow photography or filming